All prices are including VAT.

Hourly rate

For general assignments : € 60,00 per hour incl. taxes, billed per started quarter of an hour.
Example : if the assignment takes between 15 and 30 minutes, € 30,00 will be billed (half an hour)
These prices do not include transportation expenses.

Transportation expenses

Transportation expenses for on site visits depend on the distance back and forth between the headquarters of pc-explore and the location of the assignment. The cost per kilometer is € 0,3707.

When the location is one of the following and the assignment takes an hour or more, then no transportation expenses will be charged:

  • Attenhoven
  • Eliksem
  • Ezemaal
  • Laar
  • Landen
  • Neerlanden
  • Neerwinden
  • Overwinden
  • Rumsdorp
  • Wange
  • Waasmont
  • Walsbets
  • Walshoutem
  • Wezeren

Computer installations

No installation

$ € 00,00
  • No installation


$ € 30,00
  • Initial setup with the name of the customer
  • Updated with latest version

  • * Option: transfer of userdata
  • ** Option: creation of recovery media

* Option: transfer of userdata (+ € 30,00)

For your comfort, all available documents, images, etc are transferred from your old computer to your new computer.
Continue working with your data as before without hassle.

** Option: creation of recovery media (+ € 12,50)

Do you want to have a fallback in case everything goes wrong ?
Recovery media lets you restore the computer to its original state.